Take back your health back!

Johnson Chiropractic Wellness Center focuses on the MIND, BODY, and SOUL of every patient through the use of a multitude of techniques including, but not limited to, Network Spinal Analysis which helps build a stronger connection in the higher learning center of the brain found in our Frontal Lobe. Diversified Chiropractic adjusting techniques will ensure that there will be no interferences in the nervous systems communication with the Brain, and Pranic Healing techniques which will be used to not only clear out the dirty energy from the energetic body, but as well to strengthen it.


The office is also equipped with a Flexion Distraction table which is crucial for patients with Chronic low back issues, as well as Ultra Sound, and muscle stimulation machines to help deal with a speedy recovery of nagging soft tissue issues that could have occurred from something as simple as repetitive over use, or something as harsh as a car accident. 


What differentiates me is that I allow my patients to bloom into their full potential as a human through the multitude of techniques used in the office to assure that no rock will be left unturned, and that every step of the way will be filled with compassion and heart.

As a child I distinctly remember staring at my hands with pure amazement while I lie in bed with the glow of the night light. At that time I could have never fathomed that someday these same hands that I was so intrigued with would be the tools that I would use everyday to heal others. As a boy I would massage my mother's feet and shoulders after her day of work, and as well found myself unbeknownst to me performing basic Chiropractic adjustments on my friends and family because it made them feel better. As a young man I met a Chiropractor who saw me performing these basic adjustments and she asked me to visit her office, when I did the little boy who used to stare at his hands while lying in bed at night came full circle and realized his purpose in life was to heal others with his hands.

-Dr. Nicholas R. Johnson